UV Tears


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All products are handmade, designed for safe use and poured in small batches, therefore the colours may vary slightly from batch to batch.
100% Soy wax with added oil moisturiser
Approx. 60g of wax each
Easily removed with blunt blade, fingernails, cards or hot shower
All products are made in small batches. The colour may vary in shade to the colour palette above.

Recommended use:
Light and let desired wax pool form
Extinguish flame before pouring to reduce soot buildup
Patch test before use
Do not get on clothing as candle colour may stain fabric.
It is recommended laying down a drop sheet, old towel/sheet or any other material where you are dripping.

In summer/high temperatures, candles may melt slightly. Keep in cool dry places.

Due to the nature of soy wax, some frosting may occur.
This does not affect the colour or use of the candle.

Perfect teardrop porcelain bowls for pooling UV candles.

Available in 6 bold UV variants.

Please double check you are buying the correct candle. This is a non sensitive blend

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4 cm

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